About Boca West Bridge


To offer a comprehensive Duplicate Bridge program for Boca West residents under the auspices of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL).

To provide an atmosphere where players can enjoy the highest quality of play in a friendly, pleasant game located conveniently on the grounds of our own community.

Boca West is an Invitational Club which offers a year round intensive bridge program with four ACBL sanctioned games: Tuesday and Thursday evenings, Wednesday afternoons and Sunday once a month. Masterpoints are awarded for every game and in addition we hold Club Appreciation, Club Championship, Charity, Silver point games and other special events, all of which award extra masterpoints. We have a staff of four accredited Directors. Guests are welcome at the Wednesday and Sunday games.
We offer lessons for all levels of bridge ability: Supervised Play, Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. We have an outstanding teaching staff
Boca West has entered the electronic age and has a sophisticated dealing machine, electronic score boxes, and of course bidding boxes. We are affiliated with The Common Game.
Boca West boasts a bridge community of over 600 duplicate players. We are a friendly club and support a zero tolerance policy.
We sponsor a Women's Bridge Team which plays the top clubs in the area and usually brings home the trophy. Our bridge players are respected in the greater bridge community and often win at local clubs and tournaments.
All bridge players are welcome to a well run, pleasant game with delicious refreshments two minutes from your home.

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Boca West Bridge Rules

When playing Duplicate Bridge at Boca West, we are playing with our friends and neighbors. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the following: 


  1. We are playing in an ACBL sanctioned game, following the established ACBL rules.
  2. Unpleasant behavior of any kind has no place at the bridge table.
  3. Call the Director for any infraction. Do not attempt to resolve it yourself. There should be no discussion among opponents.
  4. Bridgemate scoring boxes are normally operated by North. When “Verification by East or West” appears, East or West must verify. Traveler should be viewed by all silently.
  5. Your “private score” should be kept private; one convention card per partnership must be filled out and available for the opponents. If you need help filling out the convention card, please arrive 15 minutes earlier and the director will be more than happy to help you.
  6. Do not discus the last hand you played when your opponents arrive at the table.
  7. Please do not crowd around the Director when he is scoring the game.
  8. Do not give lessons at the table; either to your partner or to your opponents. Postmortems should be held after the session, not after each board.
  9. Dummy’s conversation during play of the hand, should be limited to “No hearts (etc.), partner?” or “You are in the dummy, partner.”
  10. If anyone is rude or there is an infraction of the rules at the bridge table, please inform either the Director or the Bridge Chairman. You may be asked to put this in writing so that appropriate action may be taken.
  11. You may request to be seated North/South or East/West but the Director will assign your section. This is necessary in order to have a mix of all levels in each section.
  12. When you arrive at the table, introduce yourself.
  13. Cell phones should be off or on silent mode during the game.
  14. Guests or Offspring are permitted to play Duplicate Bridge at Wednesday and Saunday afternoon games and  Member/Guest events.
  15. North/South and East/West are responsible to close bid boxes and bring the supplies (bid boxes, boards and grid cards) to the assembly table after the game.